Our Story
We have two boys. A tweener, and a teenager. The teenager eats a lot.

One night after dinner (we have already eaten, is the point here) my husband and I were watching television when the teen sat down between us and said, “I’m Hungry”. If you’ve been around a teenager long enough, you know this is a regular expression, a coming occurrence, a constant state. After sharing a simultaneous smile and eye roll with hubby, I made our “walking stomach” a huge bowl of food. When the bowl was empty he stood up, promptly walked back toward the kitchen and said, “Still Hungry”.

We laughed out loud! I told him I was going to make him a T-shirt that said “I’m Hungry” on the front and on the back, while he’s walking away, it’s going to read… (dot dot dot) Still Hungry!!!

Still Tees was born. We couldn’t stop ourselves; we all came up with expressions. My Tweener’s was

…Still Gaming. He wore a prototype to school and everyone wanted one! This was going to be fun.

Starting a company can be risky, but sometimes an idea feels so right that you look through the obstacles and focus on the work. My Father taught me that. He probably didn’t even know he was teaching the lesson. It was just who he was, and it’s who I am too. Being in the clothing business, he would have loved this journey and we would have made some amazing memories.

Now it’s my turn to be the inspirational parent. I’m seizing this opportunity to spend as much time as possible with my boys. So this is our adventure!

We hope you find a Still Tee that speaks to you!

…Still Creating.